Ind. Sen proposes myth teaching in science classes

The anti-separation-of-church-and-state creationists have a new tactic to allow religion to be taught in science classes: religious comparison.

Although the bill as written could be used to create a comparative religion class, its sponsor, Senator Dennis Kruse, has made it clear that he hopes to see it foster the teaching of creationism in science classes. Theoriginal text of the bill explicitly mentioned creation science; it has since been modified to mention a variety of religions, including Scientology. In a brief interview, Kruse expressed disdain for evolution, calling it a “Johnny-come-lately” theory.

As with many sponsors of bills of this sort, Kruse is apparently unaware of what evolution describes (hint: it’s not the origin of life) and of the scientific meaning of the word “theory,” which is not broad enough to encompass religious teachings.

I wouldn’t want Scientology to be taught about even in a social science discussion, unless it’s explicity about new religious movements or Tom Cruise. A cult is a religion with fewer followers, mentions modern technology, and is inherently fundamentalist. I wish every politician sat down and learned about the scientific method. Maybe then they will understand why science classes do not mention the religious method.